Day ten… early

Hey everyone :)

Today I have my workshop submission due and I am really nervous about it. Whats worse is that I woke up early to get to school and print everything that I needed, because as per standard my printer died on me the night that I have to print 170 pages -_- 

I thought that I was late and I rushed to school to try to be in class on time. I didn’t manage to print anything because my school card isn’t working and I thought that I was 10 late for class. So I left the library and rushed to class. Mind you it is about 60 degrees and raining at well. 

When I get to class the door is locked and no one is answering. I think “fuck are they not letting me in because I am late?” then I realize that I am actually 40 minutes early. My class doesn’t start til 9. I did manage to email my submission to everyone though. 

I feel idiotic because I did the same thing last week for this class. When will I ever learn?

Does anyone have a funny little anecdote like mine?

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Til tomorrow


Kim <3